*The Dock**

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*The Dock**

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:56 pm

The Dock Inn  is the only Inn on Cresport. It also serves as the only bar and restaurant. A dry warm place with a friendly atmosphere

Ale Gallon - 1gp (Fills 6 mugs)
Ale Mug - 2sp
Bottle of Local Wine - 1gp (fills 5 glasses)
Glass of Local Wine - 3sp  
Shots -3sp
Mixed drinks - 4sp
Meal - 6sp (per person)
Bread, loaf - 1sp
Cheese, hunk - 1sp
Potatoes - 1sp
Fresh Veggies - 1sp
Stew - 1sp
Half a Chicken - 2sp
Whole Chicken - 3sp
Steak - 1gp (1 serving)
Roast Boar - 8sp (1 serving)
Roast Goat - 2sp (1 serving)
Salmon 2sp (1 serving)
Crab 2sp (1 serving)
Lobster 2sp (1 serving)


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