The Omnitrix

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The Omnitrix

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:56 am

The Omnitrix is a small strange device meant to be worn on the wrist. While wearing the device you may use your bonus action to transform into one of the playable races who's blood has been added to the device. The transformation lasts for 10 minutes out of combat and 1 minute in combat. While transformed you may switch to another race, but that transformation is subject to the original minute/10 minute limitation. Once used, the Omnitrix can not be used in this way again until you've completed a short rest.

While transformed your stats remain the same, but you have access to the selected race's racial features such as stone's endurance or a specific damage resistance.

You may add additional races to the Omnitrix by placing a drop of blood in the center of the device's surface. Once the blood is absorbed that race will be available for transformation.

The Omnitrix comes with the DNA of a Stone orc, Mesmer Kleen, Drow, and a White hoof Soma.


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