Staff and Braclet of the wizard Dresden

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Staff and Braclet of the wizard Dresden

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:53 am

Staff of the Wizard Dresden: Quarterstaff/walking stick that deals 1d6 bludgeoning. (Versatile 1d8)
The staff can be used as an arcane focus for casting spells and allows the wielder to add their spellcasting modifier to attack spell rolls. The person wielding the staff can cast the spell Forzare at will.
Forzare: A burst of kinetic energy slams into the target doing 1d8 force damage. The target must make a DC 14 strength check or be pushed back 10 ft. if they fail by 5 or lower, they are knocked prone. If the weilder is a magic user, then the damage follows the usual cantrip progression. (2d8 at 5th level, 3d8 at 11th, and 4d8 at 17th.) and the DC of the strength check is increased to the wielder's spell save DC.
The person wielding the staff can also cast the spell Gust of Wind once a day for free, but may cast it additional times a day provided they have a level 2 spell slot or higher.

Shield Bracelet: As a reaction, you may activate the bracelet to prevent the damage of one attack that you can see coming. If you choose to maintain the shield you take half damage from all damage types except psychic for up to 1 minute. (Follows the same rules as a spell requiring concentration. The Shield Bracelet only has 2 charges per day.
While wearing the Shield bracelet, you are considered to always have the Shield spell prepared and can cast it as long as you have enough level 1 spell slots available.


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