Enchanting Rules

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Enchanting Rules

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Basic Rules
1) In order to craft any object you must first obtain instructions.
2)You can choose only 2 specialties.
3)You must have all of the necessary parts in order to complete the project.
4) It isn't necessary for all of the hours spent to be consecutive.
5) You cannot exceed more than 14 consecutive hours crafting.
6)You must roleplay the first hour of crafting, and at least once for every 4 hours of work. (minimum of once per object)

Enchanting Rules.
Enchanted items have a number of charges equal to your proficiency modifier.*
Enchanted items have to be recharged manually (1gp per charge) before they can be used again.**
You can only enchant items with spells you know, instruction, or from a scroll.
Enchanting an item requires Calligrapher's Supplies, Enchanter's Ink and Arcana dust. It also uses up a spellslot of an equal level or higher.
Poorly made items hold half the charges rounded down, fairly made items hold 2/3 the charges rounded down, good items hold the correct amount of charges, and excellent items hold the correct amount of charges but also have some other aesthetically pleasing attributes.***

*Cantrips count as half a charge, and wondrous items follow the rules listed by the given item.
** Enchanted items with Permanence still must be recharged, but this happens automatically at dawn without cost.
*** Poorly made enchantments can be re-enchanted but fair-excellent can not.

When you finish a project, roll 1d8 to see how well it turned out. (1-2 = poorly, 3-4 = fair, 5-6 = good, and 7-8 = excellent)
The quality of the object will determine its value.  (50%, 75%, 100%, of 125% of market value)

Spellbinding a Cantrip takes half an hour per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 1 spell takes 1 hour per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 2 spell takes 2 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 3 spell takes 3 1/2 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 4 spell takes 4 1/2 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 5 spell takes 6 1/2 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 6 spell takes 7 1/2 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 7 spell takes 10 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 8 spell takes 11 hours per enchantment.
Spellbinding a Level 9 spell takes 14 hours per enchantment.

Child's play - You can enchant items using cantrip spells without taking up an enchantment slot.
Transference - You can transfer an enchantment from one object to another as long as it is appropriate. (You can't transfer bag of holding to a wand or sword, etc)
Reverse Engineer - You can destroy magic items for a chance to learn the enchantments placed on them.
Unconventional - You can use 3rd party spells to enchant items (Consult with the DM for 3rd party resources)
Spellweaving - You are able to combine spells (Consult with the DM) with results ranging from inspired to horrific.
Innovative - Consulting with the DM and the DMG, you can attempt to create your own original enchantment.
Wonderful - You are able to create Wondrous items.
Permanence - You know the complex ritual spell known as Permanence. You must have all of your spell slots in order to perform the Ritual. Doing so expends all of your spell slots of 5th level and below. (The enchantment must be your own work, and it must be a true enchantment, not from a scroll.) Requires Permanence kit.

The follow can be bought at the market.
Calligrapher's Supplies - 10gp
Enchanter's Ink 50gp (Each enchantment uses 10gp worth of ink per level. minimum of 10gp)
Permanence Kit - 100gp Contains all of the spell components needed to perform the Permanence ritual once.
Arcana dust - 10gp
Wondrous item instructions type 1 (Uncommon) - 20gp
Wondrous item instructions type 2 (Rare) - 40gp
Wondrous item instructions type 3 (Very Rare) - 60gp


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