Apothecary Rules

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Apothecary Rules

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Basic Rules
1) In order to craft any object you must first obtain a recipe.
2)You can choose only 2 specialties.
3)You must have all of the necessary ingredients in order to complete the project.
4) It isn't necessary for all of the hours spent to be consecutive.
5) You cannot exceed more than 14 consecutive hours crafting.
6)You must roleplay the first hour of crafting, and at least once for every 4 hours of work. (minimum of once per object)

When you finish a project, roll 1d8 to see how well it turned out. (1-2 = poorly, 3-4 = fair, 5-6 = good, and 7-8 = excellent)
The quality of the object will determine its value.  (50%, 75%, 100%, of 125% of market value)
You must master each difficulty in progressive order. (example. You cannot master complex dishes before simple ones)

Simple It takes 1 hour to prepare the herbs and 1 day to dry.
Complex It takes 3 hours to prepare the herbs and 1 day to dry.
Master It takes 5 hours to prepare the herbs and 2 days to dry.

Simple It takes 1 hour to prepare the herbs and 1 week to soak.
Complex It takes 3 hours to prepare the herbs and 1 week to soak.
Master It takes 5 hours to prepare the herbs and 2 weeks to soak.

Potions It takes 2 hours to prepare the the solution for the potion.

Simple It takes 1 hour to prepare the poison.
Complex It takes 3 hours to prepare the poison.
Master It takes 5 hours to prepare the poison.

Alchemist: You know how to make a special blend that makes water enchantable. You can make potions using scrolls of 1/3 your level.
Herbalist: You can add (half of your proficiency modifier rounded up) to the stat increase of Teas/Tinctures you craft.
Toxicologist: When crafting poison, you can add (half of you proficiency modifier rounded up) to the DC of the poison.
Harvester: You can safely extract Venom and poison from creatures and plants.
Tolerance: You gain immunity to the poison CONDITION from poison and toxins with a DC of 20 or less.
Apothecary: You can get 2 extra doses of Tinctures/Teas, and 1 extra dose of Potions or poisons.
Gardener: You can properly grow your own herbs and plants.

The following supplies can be purchased at the market:

Herbalism kit - 5gp (Required to craft Teas and Tinctures)
Alchemist’s supplies - 50gp (Required to craft Potions)
Poisoner’s kit - 50gp (Required to craft Poisons)
Simple recipe - 15gp
Complex recipe - 30gp
Master recipe - 50gp
Honey - 1gp  1 jar (Can be used to relieve allergies, as a sleep aid, to treat wounds, and boost memory and energy.)
Ginger - 3sp  1 root  (Metabolism booster that helps remove toxins and is an anti-inflammatory. Can also help reduce nausea.)
Garlic - 5sp 5 cloves (Anti-inflammatory that is also good for the heart and immune system.)
Mint leaves - 2sp  20 leaves (Aids in digestion, stress relief, headaches, and respiration, and helps to kill bacteria.)
Lavender - 5sp  20 leaves or 1 vial of Lavender oil (Can be used for skincare, healing wounds, pain relief, intestinal problems, improves blood circulation, and respiration.)
Thyme - 3sp  1 sprig  (A mental stimulant that can also help with skincare, healing wounds, and intestinal discomfort.)
Linden root - 3sp (Named for the Goddess Linden, the root of this white flower can be used for healing purposes.)
Lindenflower - 5sp (The petals of the Lindenflower can be used medicinally when used properly, but is fatal when consumed untreated.)
Faurun leaf - 5sp (The leaves of Faurunwood trees can have an invigorating property and serve as a stimulant.)
Iams - 5sp (This common plant is a good indicator of fertile soil. It can be used for a calming effect and as a sleep aid.)
Odisbush - 1gp (The leaves from this thorny bush can be used as a mental stimulant calming the user, slowing the heart rate and making time feel like it is progressing slower.)
Red Solest - 1gp (The petals of the Red Solest is often used to improve eyesight and increase focus.)
White Solest - 5sp (The petals of the White Solest is poisonous and can cause rash, sores, and fever.)
Ghastek root - 2gp (This red flower's roots can cause paralysis, lower heart rate, and lead to coma.)
Blue Sophia - 1gp (The petals from the Blue Sophia is a relaxant and a sleep aid.)
Black Sophia - 10gp (The petals from the Black Sophia is extremely poisonous and causes necrotic damage.)
Baulraush Leaf - 10gp (These 5 pointed leaves cause hallucinations and is purported to bestow temporary clairvoyance. Can cause madness.)
Nomelberry - 3gp (These black and blue berries grow on thorny bushes, and cause a state of euphoria. They can also potentially cause blindness.)
Lavorsroot - 8gp (The brow roots from this yellow flower provide stamina and can cause insomnia.)
Bitter mushrooms - 3sp (Causes hallucinations, madness, and vomiting.)

The following can be purchased at the bestiary:
Scorpion - 8sp
Fire ants - 8sp
Adder - 5gp
Viper - 7gp
Rattlesnake - 4gp
Black Mamba - 7gp
Cobra - 10gp


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