Custom Backgrounds for Virahna

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Custom Backgrounds for Virahna

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Skills: Insight and Investigation
Equipment: 15 gp, Manacles, Inquisitor's tools (Magnifying Glass, ink pad, fingerprinting powder, fine leather gloves, and a case with various compartments full of empty glass containers and vials), Thieves tools, and an inquisitor's liscence.
Feature: Objective truth- You have advantage on Insight and Investigation checks. You also have advantage on saving throws against being charmed.

Skills: Arcana and Investigation. You also learn 2 utility cantrips of your choice.
Equipment: Enchanter's kit. Enchanter's liscence (Spell components, attunement rods, 2 arcana gems, and 2 bank scrolls) and 15gp
Feature: Enchanting- You are able to use the attunement rods. The 1st allows you to detect the presence of magic, and the 2nd is used to place enchantments. (Enchantments are powered by arcana gems), and the 3rd is used for making scrolls. (3rd Rod allows for non-wizards to create scrolls and for wizards to create scrolls in half of the time.)

Skills and proficiencies: Persuasion and History. 2 Languages of your choice. Proficiency with land vehicles.
Equipment: A writ of diplomacy from your ruler or governing body, a set of fine clothes, 15gp
Feature: Best Behavior- In Viranha, envoys do more than just talk for their people, they also act as their eyes and ears. When dealing with foreign officials, they are more likely to cooperate with reasonable requests and provide you with things like temporary room and board.

Town Guard-
Skills: Insight and Perception Proficiency with light armor.
Equipment:10 gp, Manacles, Healer's kit. 1 type of gaming set. Uniform. (Cheap, but stylized leather armor from the city or town you come from.)
Feature: Professional Courtesy- Town Guards and Inquisitors are more likely to be cooperative towards you, and town guards will look the other way for small infractions of the law.

Bounty Hunter-
Skills: Intimidation and Survival. Proficiency with light armor and ranged weapons.
Equipment: A coin-purse holding 10gp, Manacles, hand crossbow with 20 bolts and a shield.
Feature: Catch and Release- you have advantage on any attempt to capture or subdue a target, and you add 1d4 to attacks doing non-lethal damage.

Relic Hunter-
Skills:Religion and History
Equipment: 10gp, Thieves tools, Cartographer's tools, Whip, spyglass.
Feature: At a loss for words- Relic hunters can read and write the two Dead languages that were once spoken by the Gods and their worshipers.

Skills and Proficiencies : Medicine and Nature. Proficiency with Herbalism Kit and Poisoner's Kit
Equipment: Herbalism Kit. Poisoner's Kit. 10gp
Feature: During a short rest you can either make 1 simple healing potion(1d4 + the creators Int modifier) or 1 vial of poison. Person poisoned makes a Con save for 10+int modifier. (Does 2 damage for 1d4 turns + creators Int. Modifier)

Skills and Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand and Investigation. Proficiency with Tinker's tools
Equipment: Tinker Tools, Leather gloves, tin of oil, 2 Arcana gems, Large Wrench(1d6 Bludgening) Screwdriver (1d4 piercing) (10gp worth of parts)15gp
Feature:Tinker. You get one mechanical companion (See Rock Gnome on page 37 of the phb) You have proficiency with tinker’s tools. Using those tools, you can construct clockwork devices and traps.

Skills and Proficiencies: Survival and Perception. Proficiency with Shields or Light armor, 1 martial weapon, and one musical instrument.
Equipment: A shield or Leather armor, a ledger with former and current contracts, instrument of your choice, and 1 gaming set. 12gp


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