The Splintered Staff

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The Splintered Staff

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Simple Melee Weapons
Club 1gp 1d4 bludgeoning  Light
Greatclub 2gp 1d8 bludgeoning Two-handed
Javelin 1gp 1d6 piercing Thrown (range 30/120)
Quarterstaff 2gp 1d6 bludgeoning 4 lb. Versatile (1d8)
Light Spear 3 gp 1d6 piercing 3 lb. Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)

Simple Ranged Weapons
Light Crossbow - 25gp 1d8 piercing  Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, two-handed
Dart - 2sp 1d4 piercing Finesse, thrown (range 20/60)
Shortbow - 25gp 1d6 piercing  Ammunition (range 80/320), two-handed

Martial Melee Weapons
Glaive - 20gp 1d10 slashing. Heavy, reach, two-handed
Halberd - 20gp 1d10 slashing.  Heavy, reach, two-handed
Lance - 10gp 1d12 piercing  Reach, special
Maul - 10 gp 2d6 bludgeoning 10 lb. Heavy, two-handed
Warhammer - 15 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 2 lb. Versatile (1d10)

Martial Ranged Weapons
Hand Crossbow - 75gp 1d6 piercing  Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading
Heavy Crossbow - 50gp 1d10 piercing Ammunition (range 100/400), heavy, loading, two-handed
Longbow - 50gp 1d8 piercing  Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, two-handed

Light Wooden Armor - 30gp  AC 10 + Wood modifier + Dex modifier. Made of Oak, Maple, rosewood, or ebony
Heavy Wooden Armor - 80gp  AC 16 + Dex modifier (max 2)  (Str 14 required to wear without disadvantage) Made if Ironwood
Medium Wooden Armor - 560gp 16 + Dex modifier. Made of Faurunwood


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