The Silver Spool

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The Silver Spool

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:46 am

The Silver Spool caters to the middle and upper class of New Cross.

Linen shirt - 1gp
Linen button up shirt - 15sp
Linen tunic - 15sp
Linen trousers -1gp
Linen breeches -1gp
Linen skirt - 1gp
Linen dress - 2gp
Linen Cloak - 2gp
Linen Vest - 15sp
Linen Jacket - 2gp
Cap - 1sp
Bonnet - 1sp
Scarf - 1sp

Wool shirt - 5gp
Wool trousers - 5gp
Wool breeches - 5gp
Wool Sweater - 5gp
Wool Scarf - 3gp
Wool cap - 3gp
Wool Doublet - 6gp
Wool Cloak - 6gp

Silk shirt - 10gp
Silk button up shirt - 12gp
Silk tunic - 12gp
Silk trousers -10gp
Silk skirt - 10gp
Silk dress - 12gp
Silk Vest - 12gp
Silk Jacket - 13gp
Silk Gloves - 5gp
Silk Cloak - 13gp


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