Cooking Rules

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Cooking Rules

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Basic Rules
1) In order to craft any object you must first obtain a recipe.
2)You can choose only 2 specialties.
3)You must have all of the necessary ingredients in order to complete the project.
4) It isn't necessary for all of the hours spent to be consecutive.
5) You cannot exceed more than 14 consecutive hours crafting.
6)You must roleplay the first hour of crafting, and at least once for every 4 hours of work. (minimum of once per object)

Cooking Rules

When you finish a project, roll 1d8 to see how well it turned out. (1-2 = poorly, 3-4 = fair, 5-6 = good, and 7-8 = excellent)
The quality of the object will determine its value.  (50%, 75%, 100%, of 125% of market value)
You can only add your proficiency when crafting a meal outside of your specialties after you've cooked 10 excellent items from that level of difficulty. You must master each difficulty in progressive order. (example. You cannot master complex dishes before simple ones)

Simple dishes take 1 hour to prep and cook
Moderate dishes take half an hour to prep and 1hour to cook
Complex dishes take 1 hour to prep and 1 hour to cook
Master dishes take 1 hour to prep and 2 hours to cook

Cooking Specialties
Baker: You can add your proficiency when baking and roll with advantage.
Butcher: You are able to butcher your own meat without wasting a single morsel. (40 servings for medium (pigs or goats and 80 for large (cow and Venison))
Organic Chef: You are able to get access to the freshest of ingredients. You have advantage on dishes that use fruit or veggies as a main ingredient. and can add your proficiency modifier.
Exotic Chef: You can add your proficiency on exotic dishes. You have advantage on dishes with exotic main ingredients  
Brewer. You can craft Ale. (You add your proficiency and have advantage) Require Brewer's supplies.
Vintner. You can craft Wine. (You add your proficiency and have advantage) Requires Vintner's supplies.
Distiller: You can craft Liquor. (You add your proficiency and have advantage) Requires Distiller's supplies.

Simple Recipes - 1sp
Moderate dishes- 3sp
Complex Recipes - 5sp
Master Recipes -1gp

Chicken - 1sp
Cheese 1 wheel- 5cp
Potatoes 8 - 1sp
Veggies 8 1sp
Pig butchered (8 servings) 1gp
Pig whole - 3gp
Beef butchered (8 servings) - 2gp
Cow Whole - 10gp
Milk (6 Servings) - 1sp
Local fruit (8 servings) - 1sp
Exotic fruit (8 servings) - 3sp
Eggs 12 - 1sp
Fish 4 - 1sp
Wheat 2lb bag - 5cp
Baker's yeast (5 uses) - 5cp
Brewer's yeast (5 uses) - 1sp
Spices (Cinnamon, pepper, other) - 2 gp
Salt 1lb bag - 1sp
Flour 2lb bag - 1sp
Honey 1 cup 2sp
Sugar 1lb bag -1gp
Butter 1 tub 12 servings - 1sp
Set of Chef knives - 1gp
Measuring cups - 1sp
Whisk - 1cp
Iron pot - 2gp
Iron pan - 1 gp
Brewer's supplies - 20gp
Vintner's supplies - 20gp
Distiller's supplies - 20gp


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