Allegra's Window

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Allegra's Window

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:48 am

Allegra's Window is a fine dining establishment with a strict dress code, and mandatory gratuity of 18%. The Restaurant caters to the upper class, especially those who are a bit adventurous.

Glass of fine Cider - 1gp
Bottle of fine Cider -5gp Fills 6 glasses
Glass of fine Wine - 2gp
Bottle of fine Wine - 10gp (fills 6 glasses)
Hard Spirits - 3gp
Cocktails- 3gp
Meal - 10gp(per person)
Assorted Cheeses - 1gp (3 servings)
Local fruit platter- 1gp (3 servings)
Imported fruit platter - 3gp (3 servings)
Frog's legs - 1gp (1 serving)
Fresh Veggies - 1gp
Rotissory Chicken - 2gp (1 serving)
Choice Steak - 4gp (1 serving)
Brazed Boar - 2gp (1 serving)
Brazed Salmon - 3gp (1 serving)
Lobster - 3gp
Reef Shark -2gp (1 serving)
Venison - 4gp (1 serving)


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