Races of Viranha

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Races of Viranha

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The following are the races for the campaign setting; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Changlings, halflings, and Keldavin.

Type 1 get +2 to strength, +1 to all other stats, and proficiency in 2 skills of your choice.
Type 2 get + 2 to strength, proficiency in one skill of your choice, and 1 feat.
Appearance and Home:
The Eastern capital city Blue Reef is home to the largest population of humans. It is said to be the birthplace of the human race and has a long history predating the Elves. The local economy is based off of tourism and fishing.
Humans come in all shapes and sizes. In terms of appearance, Humans from Virahna look like modern day humans in real life.

All elves get a + 1 to Dex, Darkvision, Elf weapon training, Arcane blood (You know one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. Your spellcasting ability for this spell depends on your subrace), and trance.

Frost Elves: +2 to Intelligence, resistance to cold, and the cantrip Frostbite

Nimbus Elves: +2 to Wisdom, the cantrip Gust, and have a fly speed of 15.

Storm Elves: +2 to Charisma, have lightning resistance, and the cantrip thunderclap.

Appearance and Home:
The Northern capital city known as Lindenauer is the largest of the Elven cities. It is most famous for being the only floating city in all of Viranha. Large masses of land soar through the skies surrounding Mt. Linden, which is the second largest mountain in Viranha. The land apears to be ornately carved stone of an unknown origin. Large rope bridges connect each track of land to one another and to Mt. Linden, which serves as the city's central district. The population of Lindenauer is mostly comprised of Nimbus Elves and Frost Elves.
Frost and Nimbus Elves have pale skin, slender builds and have white and light gray hair tinged with pale blues, greens, and pinks. Nimbus elves tend to have much more voluminous frizzy hair, while Frost elves tend to have straight hair.
Storm elves Tend to live near coastal towns or cities like the 2nd largest elvish city Barpack which has the largest Navy in all of Viranha. It is said that seven tenths of the world's ships set sail from Barpack. The population is mostly comprised of Storm elves and Nimbus elves.
Storm Elves have tan (often weathered) skin, and hair colors that range from dark to light grays, dark purples, and black. They are known for being emotional and passionate.

All Dwarves Get a + 1 to constitution, darkvision, stone's endurance, and proficiency with one set of artisan tools. (They also know most relevant information pertaining to their chosen craft.)

Iron Clan: + 1 to wisdom and +1 to strength, proficiency with all armor and weapons.

Copper Clan: +1 to wisdom and +1 to Dex proficiency with all armor and weapons.

Silver Clan: +2 to intelligence, proficiency with light and medium armor, and all simple and finesse weapons

Gem Clan: + 2 Charisma proficiency with light and medium armor, and all simple and finesse weapons.

Appearance and Home:
The Western capital city Krotoa is the only city founded and maintained by the Dwarves of Virahna. Krotoa is actually a large collection of small underground cities within the mountain range by the same name.
All Dwarves have tan skin and are about 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall.
Iron Clan have black and dark gray hair, and they tend to be stern serious warriors.
Copper Clan have hair that ranges from red to brown and they tend to be competitive, opinionated and friendly.
Silver clan have white, silver, light grey, and light blonde hair. Members of the silver clan tend to be inquisitive, dedicated, and tend to have an affinity for magic. They are world renowned for their Enchanters.
Gem Clan have vibrant hair colors in all different hues. They tend to be less stout than the other clans. Members of the the Gem clan are generally plain spoken, charismatic, and fun-loving.

Getran (Halflings/gnomes):
All Getran get +2 to Dex and the racial traits halfling nimbleness and naturally stealthy.
Deepwood Clan: get +1 to intelligence the racial traits brave, and natural illusionist.
Tealeaf Clan: get +1 to charisma and the racial traits gnome cunning and silent stalker (You can cast invisibility on yourself once per short rest. You know the Message cantrip.)
Appearance and Home:
The Southern capital city of Deepwood is located in the center of a forest known as "The wilds". They guard the location of Deepwood jealously, and it is said that anyone who gets lost in the wilds never returns.
The Getran are a small race that were said to act as the messengers to the Gods. While they can be friendly and charismatic, they are also very secretive. They know how to talk a lot without actually saying anything. Because they are small and nonthreatening, people tend to let their guard down around them.
Deepwood Getran are masters of illusions and have the uncanny ability to go unnoticed unless calling attention to themselves. Their hair and eye colors are the same as humans. Their average height is about 3 1/2 feet.
Tealeaf Getran are very charismatic and are adept at getting out of the trouble they often get themselves into. Their hair colors run in the same range as humans, but are streaked with shades of blue.  Their eyes are blue or else entirely black. They are a little shorter than their cousins, averaging just over 3 feet tall.

Ekko (Changelings):
Changelings get + 1 to 2 stats of their choice. They also have the ability Shape Changer (as an action, you can polymorph into any humanoid. This is an actual physical change and holds up to examination. You revert back to your true form upon death or being rendered unconscious) They also have the ability Wild Shape (see druid in phb) except they use character level to determine what creatures can be transformed into. You can also pick creatures with swim or fly speeds, however, you can only move at 1/2 those speeds rounded up.

The Ekko have pale gray skin, pale gray eyes, and no hair. They are of an average height and weight for a human in their age range. The Ekko genes are dominant, and the children of any race that breeds with them is always an Ekko. Because Ekkos rarely breed with one another, they have failed to form any cultural identity, and instead adopt whatever culture they are born into.

Keldavin: ( If you're interested in playing a race other than the first 5 listed, then your character would be considered Keldavin in-game. They have no culture of their own, and are fairly rare in Viranha. If you've got an interesting character concept in mind, then I'm more than happy to work with you to ensure that the character is fair and balanced for this campaign. Stats and racial traits depend on the race you use for the template. Homebrewed Racial traits based off of heritage is also acceptable as long as GM approved.)
Keldavin carry the watered down blood of the Gods. It is a recessive trait that can take generations to discover. Keldavin can be born to parents of any race in any city. Powerful Keldavin are extremely long lived and often become patrons for warlocks.

The central capital city of New Cross is a melting pot of cultures and races. That is where the Treatise of the Gods' War was written and voted into law. It is home to 4 portals, each connected to one of the other Capitals. New Cross is named for the large cross shaped complex that houses the 4 gates where travels arrive and depart.


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