Karstic Pantheon

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Karstic Pantheon

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The children of the Void and Viranha (The land)

Salidor - God of Creation, the Arts, and Precious metals and gems.
Worshipers: Worshiped as the Great Smith, Salidor is worshiped by all Dwarves and Ekko. He is also worshiped by artisan, and minors.

Kithara- Goddess of War, Conflict, and Personal hardship
Worshipers: Kithara is worshiped by warriors, envoys, and those going through personal struggles.

Devos- God of Fortune, Balance, and Justice
Worshipers: Devos was worshiped by gamblers, judges/lawyers, and philosophers.

Sophia- Goddess of Death, Endings, and New beginnings
Worshipers: Sophia was worshiped by most Ekko who saw death as just another change. Dwarves generally didn't worship Sophia, but they did respect her.

Baulrash - God of Knowledge, Truth, and Magic
Worshipers: Baulrash was worshiped by scholars, investigators, enchanters, and magic users of all kinds.

Nomel- God of Darkness, Secrets, and Subterfuge
Worshipers: Nomel was worshiped by Spies, criminals, and Rogues of all sorts.

Lavors- God of Endurance, Longevity, and Suffering.
Worshipers: Lavors was worshiped by the ill, the physically handicapped, and others that require strength and fortitude.

The child of Linden and Salidor
Keldavin - God of peace and chaos
Worshipers: Getran (Halflings) worshiped Keldavin as their creator. It is said that the halflings were created to deliver messages between his parents. Keldavin translates to child of the divine.


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