Eolan Pantheon

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Eolan Pantheon

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The children of the Void and Silas (The Heavens).

Linden- Goddess of Life, Healing, and Water.
Worshipers: Linden is worshiped by all Elves and Humans. She is known as the mother Goddess and was known to favor mothers and orphans. As a goddess of water, she was also worshiped by sailors and farmers.

Faurun- God of the Wilds (Nature, Primal forces, and Predators)
Worshipers: Faurun was worshiped primarily by Druids, but it wasn't uncommon for him to be worshiped by Barbarians, Rangers, and hunters. Many traveling through the wilderness would pay their respects before departing and after arriving safely.

Iams- God of Agriculture, Domestication, and Domination
Worshipers: Iams was worshiped by farmers, city planners, and royalty.

Odis- God of Wisdom, Judgment, and Empathy.
Worshipers: Odis was worshiped by leaders, judges, and philosophers.

Solest- Goddess of the Sun, Light, and Revelations
Worshipers: Solest was worshiped by farmers, investigators, and soothsayers.

Ghastek- God of Death, Necromancy, and the Afterlife
Worshipers: Necromancers, Undertakers, and physicians.

Samsung - God of Virtue, Love, and Honor
Worshipers: Samsung was worshiped by lovers, warriors, and the dishonored.

The child of Linden and Salidor
Keldavin - God of peace and chaos
Worshipers: Halflings worshiped Keldavin as their creator. It is said that the halflings were created to deliver messages between his parents. Keldavin translates to child of the divine.


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