The Pleasure Houses

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The Pleasure Houses

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The Pleasure Houses are a collection of loosely affiliated whore houses. They are run by the Whores' Guild, a collection of former escorts that became wealthy enough to purchase the properties. It is actually a close-knit community of men and women that are/were the children of prostitutes. They protect their women and men and should not be crossed if at all possible.

The Slippery Clam:
The cheapest of the brothels. 1gp buys you an hour with a girl or guy that has little to no experience. You can recover 1 spell slot, lose 1 stress point, or similar effect.

The Velvet Sheath:
Prostitutes at the Velvet Sheath are well trained in the art of Pleasure. 5gp buys you several hours. In addition to the benefits of a long rest, you get 1 healing surge to heal 1d8+con modifier within 24 hours of the visit. You lose 3 stress points.

The Silk Purse:
The Prostitutes of the Silk Purse are trained in the arts of healing and entertainment. For 10gp they will sooth your aches and pains, and then perform musical pieces, recite poetry, dance, or regale you with an amazing story. In addition to the benefits of a long rest, 1 healing surge, and the reduction of all stress points, you also gain 1 pleasure inspiration. (Bardic inspiration that can be used withing 24 hours)


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