The Fighting Pits

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The Fighting Pits

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Rules of the Arena

1)You or the DM roll 1d4 to determine the type of opponent you'll face.

                1)Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock
                2)Knight, Fighter, Barbarian
                3)Rogue, Ranger, Monk
                4)Druid, Bard

2)When fighting an opponent of your level, you earn 20gp for participating, and another 20gp if you win.
3)When fighting an opponent of a higher level, you earn an additional 10gp per level. If you are victorious, you earn an additional amount equal to the amount you've earned for participating.
4)You earn exp for defeating an opponent and half exp if defeated.
5)You accrue stress points from combat. 1 stress point if you win, 2 for losing, and 2 if you're hit by a critical hit. These numbers are doubled for every level the opponent has more than you.
6)Too many stress points will cause you to roll with disadvantage.
7)You can reduce stress points by taking in entertainment, winning at gambling, visiting the pleasure houses, or any activity that could count as resting.
8)When hit with a critical hit, your character gains a permanent scar or injury.


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