The Windfall

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The Windfall

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:29 am

Owned by an Ekko by the name of Drell, The Windfall is the largest building in the entertainment district. To the left are the card games, slot machines are on the right, and in the back are the Rat Races. Past the Rat Races is an elevated platform with a red door marked "High Rollers Room"

1)Jackpot if you roll (3) 6s you get 9x the bet.
2)If you roll 3 of the same number other than 6 you get 4x the bet.
3)If 2 dice add up to the 3rd you get 2x the bet/
4)If the 3 numbers are sequential you get your bet back +1 gold

You Roll 1d10 and the DM Rolls another 1d10. You subtract one number from the other and get 2x the bet per win.

Rat Races:
Pick a number and then roll. 1d4 or 1d6 equals 4x the bet. 1d8 or 1d10 equals 6x the bet. 1d12 or 1d20 equals 10x the bet.

High Rollers Room:
Each player Rolls 1d6. The player with the highest number wins. The winner takes all of the betting pool. Each round the stakes go up. A player can choose to fold his hand in order to roll with advantage on the next round.


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