The Campaign setting

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The Campaign setting

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:57 pm

The campaign will be set in the world of Viranha. Viranha is unique in a few ways. For example, unlike most campaign settings, Viranha isn't a wild frontier full of monsters. Without goblins, gnolls, and manticores to terrorize the villagers, the races of Viranha have pretty much conquered their world. It's full of cities (large and small), well established trade routes, and a well developed infrastructure.

Secondly, the Gods are dead. The people of Viranha have had over 800 years to learn to cope with the loss. As a result, Cleric is no longer a playable class. Fear not, Healing spells are still available to practitioners of magic. Paladins will now be changed to Knights, but keep most of their class features. Lastly, because they were never really called for in this world, spells like detect evil, and protection from good and evil are still available, but at higher levels.

The continent of Saragoff is the birthplace of civilization, and of all the playable races. It is where magic flows the strongest, and where Viranha once had a physical connection to the planes that the Gods ruled from. The people of Viranha have colonized other continents, and they fight savagely for more lands. However, the bloodshed never crosses the sea to reach Saragoff. The 5 capitals have strict codes of conduct that have been maintained since the Gods' War. As a result, the only battles waged in Saragoff are political ones.


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